Jihad and Unheard paperback

Now we could be embarrassed by the total lack of promotion on my part.  In the complete silence of book news when, let’s face it, I’ve clearly written and released a second book.  We could even be embarrassed at the fact that I stated in a blog back in November of 2013 that I was

Pinhole Forth Bridges

Took this photo using a pinhole camera made from a Clarks shoe box.  10 minute exposure.  Took it in January but it’s taken me months to get round to developing it.  Scanned paper negative and used Photoshop to invert and adjust levels a little.

Why Alex Salmond can’t answer the currency question

Last night, from my London hotel room, I tuned in to STV using an online web service.  It spoke volumes that the debate on whether the United Kingdom is to remain as it is, was not broadcast outside of Scotland.  Here in England, there was only the heavily edited highlights on television afterwards.  Some might claim

Airport security

My current job involves travel. Three days out of my week are spent in London, which means my employer, at presumably great expense to them, puts me up in a hotel and has me fly down to the kingdom’s capital. I fly the Little Red at 0635 meaning my alarm must wake me at 0400

To an Apple Thief

You have no fucking clue how proud I was of that apple, We moved in last year and that whole front yard was gravel. It took us lots of time but we got to working, Digging and planting veg, while you nearby were lurking. We spotted it in Lidl, this pathetic looking tree, We knew

Indie Author Land Interview

As is the rite of passage for indie authors, my interview for Indie Author Land has been published, you can check it out here.

NaNoWriMo 2013 and a New Paperback

Hi guys, first of all, a quick announcement.  My first novel, Hudud and Escape, is now available as a paperback which can be found on Amazon.  It will also be available on Kobo and the Google Play store in about a week’s time, pre-orders are already open, why the wait?  Because Amazon locked me into

Queen Mother Building (QMB) Left 4 Dead Map

The map of Dundee University’s Queen Mother Building (QMB) is legend among attendees of The School of Computing houses in the same building.  Unfortunately, people have a bad habit of losing it so I’m posting it here to download.  The map is believed to have been made by Rory Gianni a.k.a. @digitalWestie Click to download

Review – The Tilted World by Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly

I was quite lucky to receive the opportunity to read this one which is not actually out for release until October however I was given the privilege after Sophie Orme of Mantle Books (Pan Macmillan) tweeted out the simple question; “So who fancies a proof copy of Gold Dagger winner Tom Franklin’s latest incredible book

Review – Murder Begets Murder by D. M. Nelson

I found myself on the forum for Kindle Direct Publishing scrolling through the list of other authors self publishing.  I remember reading descriptions out loud to Heather and laughing as we went.  I’d start a sentence, “Jenna is found dead and Bill has to find who murdered her, soon the evil magic of her high